SureCare® Wear by Blossom Breeze®~ Comfortable Ocean Blue Long Sleeve

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Easy on / off Long Sleeve Shirt with Velcro seals at the shoulders and arms; Easy port access which is hidden in a hole inside the chest pocket!!! One Chest Pocket for carrying a Cardiac Monitor. 
  • Men’s special  100% cotton SureCare® Wear by Blossom Breeze® easy On and Off  Crew-neck Long Sleeve Shirt with handy Velcro seals at shoulders and arms for ease of dressing after surgery, hospice use, and after shoulder, arm, breast, kidney and heart surgery, for cancer and IV patient, arm sling and arm cast wear, or anything else that limits your arm movement and look fresh all day long.
    • 100 % cotton: comfortable, warm and breathable fabric
    • Soft and comfortably roomy with kangaroo pocket pouch for carrying your phone or items.
    • Crew-neck
    • Long sleeves
    • Yes, Machine wash cold and tumble dry medium (Easy Care)
    • Washing and Wearing Notes  For optimum comfort and fit, please follow the washing and wearing instructions enclosed with your shirt. Also, when attaching the sleeves:
    • Prior to washing, please first align and close the sleeve flaps so they lie flat ( Velcro sleeves are attached). This will prevent potential bunching and allow proper alignment and fit. It will also help avoid snagging other clothes in the wash or the sleeve closures collecting lint.