Thank you for supporting our business, as this is a veteran and family-owned business. We also offer some of our products on Amazon under the seller name of  Blossom Breeze®.

Blossom Breeze®  Mom and Baby | Comfortable, Thoughtful, and Fashionable |  and SureCare®  Wear for Easy on and off Post Surgery Recovery | Better Comfort, Better Recovery, Better Outcomes! |.

    "Blossom Breeze® " started in the beginning of 2014, when my kids were little and I wanted to stay at home with them.  Since having to take three kids to daycare, and with the daycare fees being more than I could bring home to contribute to my family, I thought about selling merchandise from home and online. I started to sell basic print t-shirts (funny prints), and designed simple dresses. Then, I started to get orders to make comfortable tops for nursing mothers. Since I was going on play dates with my kids, and meeting with their friends' mothers, I would get recommendations from them, to sell shirts to their other friends who were nursing mothers. During this time, my mother in law had rotator cuff surgery and I thought, why not use the same shirts for nursing mothers, which could be easily modified to be opened/closed at the shoulders with velcro for other uses? We currently offer Blossom Breeze for daily comfort and also offer SureCare for post surgery wear and other health products.

    I remember my husband, Allan, suggesting to me that I should just try and bring some money in to make our car payment, and maybe take the kids for ice cream sometimes. 

    Today, we have paid off the car and we are helping our eldest go to college in Mathematics and Computer Science (Yes we are very proud parents!) with these products. We have two more coming along. Please, keep buying our products.

    Thank you again supporting both of our lines: Blossom Breeze®  for Mom and Baby daily comfort and SureCare®  Wear for post surgery recovery! 


    We value the feedback we receive from our customers and actively seek to gather their thoughts and input.  Below are some of the recent comments our customers have made about working with us.

     "Absolutely beautiful top.  I can't wait to order more."|~Cathleen, NY   

    "They were wonderful and thank you for the fast shipment! I would order again from them. Thank you so much for the speedy service!" | Amy,- NE

    • "Difficult surgery, difficult recovery, but wonderful product that is making my husband's life easier. Thank you for the sweet note...your excellent customer service and caring sentiments were very much appreciated! "|~ Christy,SC
    • "Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend." | ~ John, OR
    • "I purchased both a men's long sleeve shirt and a ladie's t-shirt. My shoulder is injured and I am preparing for surgery, so I ordered these shirts for post surgery, even though now is the perfect time to try them because I am unable to move my shoulder. Even though they have the Velcro, I was worried about getting the shirt in place and closing it by myself. Someone is a genius! They attached a ribbon to pull the shirt into place, and it works great! I plan on using the long sleeve shirt right after surgery to keep me warm and keep my bare skin protected from the ice pack. I also think the t-shirt will be great so I don't have to undress at the doctor's office. Long sleeve shirt is a typical, regular size shirt, very comfortable. I ordered men's medium. I purchased the t-shirt 2 sizes up, a X-large instead of a medium, I wanted lots of room and for it to be easier to get into, it is perfect. I worried about the neckline being too big, but it is not. The seller comes across as truly caring about each individual customer, it makes the shirts special to wear." | LeeE, CA
    • "Great product and great service. I was blown away with how your product arrived today, wrapped with a thank you note. As a former executive with a large retail company, it is very refreshing to see that customer service/satisfaction means so much by going beyond what the customer expects. You have made my day. I will pass along my experience to others. Thanks again." | Steve, MA

    • "Very pleased with product. I especially appreciated the way it was sent along with the card that came with it. Whenever you have to order a shirt like this it generally means you are in a lot pain and discomfort which I was. But just the compassionate way it was prepared and sent brought a little joy to my life in an otherwise horrible day. Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness."  | ~ Robert, OH

    "This seller is extraordinary. She beautifully packaged the shirt and wrote a delightful note. Get one size larger than you think you may need in order to go over sling/cast/etc." | ~ Patricia, FL

    • "Good quality, excellent customer service. I highly recommend the shirt and the company. May want to order one size larger to accommodate, cast, brace, sling."|~Crystal, NC

    "Really loved this shirt for my husband after his shoulder injury. This shirt is very easy to get on and off and fits great. Very nice quality too! Thanks so much! Will definitely buy from Blossom Breeze again! "  |  ~ Lindsey, CA

    • "Item delivered timely, exactly as advertised. "| ~ Grant, MI

    "Wonderful product! Just what the post-mastectomy patient needs. Beautifully made. " | ~Carroll, TN

    "They are soooo pretty and I know they will serve me well for the 6-8 weeks of recovery ahead!" | ~ Susan, NY

    • "Great t-shirt and it works. Fast shipping!" | ~ Allen, CA